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The September updated for Raspmbc has been released and there are a lot of changes under the hood. The XBMC OS for the Raspberry Pi is faster in this build and has Windows Media Center PVR support so you can use Media Center’s back end with the Raspberry Pi (more details on the Media Center / XBMC addin on xbmc.org) plus improved DVB support.

There are lots changes in build which should be updated automatically, more details on the raspmbc blog.

New initramfs that can repair corruption when it occurs.

UUID labels now also supported for USB volumes

In October, we will switch to UUID labels for USB installs by default

Raspbmc is now faster

Thanks to popcornmix for the following XBMC changes:

Fix for crash when bookmarking

Dynamic range compression to boost center channel volume

Speed improvement for opening movies library

Fixed for compressed audio in stereo

Bug fixes with JPEG parsing

Avoid submitting too large audio buffers

I’ve also added the following to XBMC:

Windows Media Center PVR support in XBMC (thanks ‘krustyreturns’ for the client)

24 hour nightly builds resumed

Linux 3.10 is now the long term kernel as supported by Greg Kroah-Hartman

Added 1-wire module support as requested

Fix for isochronous signal support which affected DVB adapters

Improved DVB adapter support

GSPCA webcam support

Fix rsyslog issues

New Boblight addon update fixes issues with refresh rate changes

Fix a bug where secure-rmc can cause high CPU usage

Fix a bug where failed kernel update results in no WiFi

Silence md5sum checks when updating

Downclock CPU frequency when updating to minimise likelihood of corruption

Synchronous writeback on vfat to reduce corruption

Wake On LAN support allows Raspbmc to wake a remote system before XBMC starts

sabnzbd newsgroup reader available in Raspbmc Settings

Updated standalone image and NOOBS images

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