I have to admit I like large phone displays, I used a Galaxy Note for a couple of years and really like the extra screen real estate. Now Nokia have got in on the act with the new Lumia 1520 and 1320. Both phones have a 6 inch display making them the largest available Windows Phones. The 1520 has a 1080p display that has the enables the extra row of live tiles. It has a Qualcomm Snapgragon 800 quad core chip running at 2.2 Ghz and has a 20MP Pureview camera. Everything about the phone seems big, its 162.8mm tall which is 2cm bigger than the Galaxy Note 3 which is no small phone.

The 1320 has a 1.7Ghz S4 processor and a 5MP camera and is a lower cost device. The 6 inch display runs at 1280×720 and is roughly the same size as the more expensive 1520.

As ever with Nokia you get a quality device and I really like the Nokia design. Full specs on Nokia’s information pages (1520,1320).


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