[Just to be clear this is Jason’s post and my order seems ok – Ian]

Looks like lightening does strike twice.  Almost a year ago I posted Microsoft Store Cancels my Surface Pre-Order and today, after my bank rejected payment for my Surface 2 due to it being flagged as potential fraud (since I’d also order a Surface Pro 2 which has also been cancelled), my order has once again been cancelled:

The following item(s) have been cancelled from your order:
Order Number: <removed>
Order Date: 24 September 2013
Product SKU: P4W-00003
Product Name: Surface 2
Qty Ordered: 1

Even worse I spoke to the Microsoft Store today to let them know about the issue with the payment I was re-assured that everything was still going through and that payment would be taken again.

This is a joke right?

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