MediaMonkey on a Nexus 7
MediaMonkey the media player and manager app for Android has been updated to build 175. The new beta has lots of bug fixes in it including fixes with DLNA playback, metadata and PC syncing issues. The app is a great app for managing large libraries on an Android device and will sync with the desktop version of the app.

Grab the app from the Google Play Store.


What’s New

Build 175

Fixed DLNA tracks may play out of order

Fixed DLNA requires WiFi even if ethernet is present

Fixed Albums send to playlists are in alphabetic order

Fixed metadata may be displayed incorrectly in Now Playing view

Fixed Album Art may be missing if Album name contains a symbol

Fixed USB sync is buggy if tracks have unknown album (regression)

Fixed sync changes blank Artist to ‘Unknown’

Fixed updated files may not be resynced

Tweaked sync confirmation dialog

Improved sync performance

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