Media Browser 3 is turning in to a great way of viewing and browsing your media collection across multiple platforms and today the Windows Phone 8 client has been released. The app enables browsing of your collection and streaming videos to your phone from the server. You can also use it as a Media Browser remote to control other Media Player players and pin favourite to your start menu, the app has a great design and looks fantastic.

The full app costs £2.99 and there is a trial version available. Don’t forget you will need a Media Browser server up and running which you can get for free from

The Windows Phone app is available from the Windows Phone Store and if you have a Windows Phone and want to make the most of your media collection well worth investigating. You can hear the developer Scott Lovegrove talking about the app and Media Browser on our podcast last year.

App details:

Media Browser is a way of browsing your own media collection, whether it be movies, tv or music, Media Browser will allow you to watch or listen to them on your Windows Phone or play them on another compatible Media Browser client.


In order to use Media Browser, you need to have installed the Media Browser server from and have it configured.


– Browse your own media collection

– Stream videos to your phone

– Remote control other Media Browser players (like Media Browser Classic)

– Set your lock screen based on one of your own collections

– Pin your favourite collections to the start menu

Trial limitations:

– Watch one video per day (as many times or as much as you like, but just the one)

– Only able to remote control the Web Interface


Support can be found on twitter (@mediabrowser), facebook ( or email ([email protected]).


We love the reviews, it helps us to make the app better, however if you have any problems, please contact us prior to negative reviews, we might be able to help.

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