HP Chromebook 11 launched for £229

HP have launched their a new Chromebook the HP Chromebook 11. The Chrome OS devices has an ARM chip and has 11.6″ display, magnesium chassis with a plastic case, fanless design and weights 2.3lbs. There are 2 USB 2.0 ports, SlimPort video out and microUSB for charging. It looks very much like a tablet type device packaged in a notebook form factor (without touch) and with a low cost price of £229. Also included is 100GB of Google Drive Storage for 2 years and a 60 day trial of Google Play Music All Access.

It looks like a nice device if Chrome OS can fulfil your needs, £229 for a 6 hour battery devices with a lightweight design could be interesting, it would also be interesting to put it head to head with the original Surface RT which currently costs £270, weighs less and has a longer battery life but you can’t use the Chrome Browser.

The HP Chromebook 11 will be available soon from the Google Play Store.

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