Google TV hasn’t exactly been a success so far it’s with it pretty much failing to take off. It look like Google are going to rebrand the platform and move it closer to Android. In a post on they have quotes from a Google TV manufacturer saying that they are now calling it “Android TV” and that Google has stopped using the Google TV name. It makes sense to focus on Android for the brand as it’s become such a widely know name with Android phones and the Google TV devices have always ran on the Android platform. Google also have another platform for the TV, the Chromecast dongle is a low cost HDMI device that enables streaming from the Chrome browser and stream from services like YouTube and Android but isn’t branded as Android despite being sharing lots of Android code. Maybe the plan is to have ChromeCast as a consumer device and the new named Android TV will be a service built in to TV sets and set top boxes.

I remember when Microsoft pushed to put Windows Media Center into TVs and set top boxes with embedded versions of Media Center but that failed to take off.


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