Today Apple announced the latest generation of the their iPad range introducing a new iPad Air and an iPad Mini with Retina display. The iPad Air is thinner and lighter the previous generation device weighing one pound, Apple say its 28% lighter than the 4th gen device and 20 percent thinner. The bezel size has been reduced and it is powered by Apples A7 processor, battery life still comes in at 10 hours.

The iPad Mini gain a Retina display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution on the 7.9 inch display. It has the same A7 CPU as the larger iPad and gets 10 hours between charges.

Both come in either Space Gray or Silver, the iPad Air starts at £399 and will be available November 1st and the iPad Mini is due later in November starting at £319. As ever with Apple they make nice incremental upgrades to the iPads if you have a recent device it probably not worth updating unless you want the lower weight of the iPad Air or the Retina display on the Mini. Both devices look great and I am sure both devices are going to be on a lot of peoples Christmas list.

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