There is a Raspberry Pi distribution that the Raspberry Pi blog have highlighted that I hadn’t come across before focusing on music entertainment features rather than video as many of the other distros do. RaspyPi is a Raspberry Pi distribution made for audiophiles who want high quality audio playback from the low cost computer. The distro uses a web based interface and supports AirPlay and external USB audio interfaces and the Pi’s analog jack with simultaneous playback. AAC and ALAC formats are supported, as is WebRadio from the likes of Spotifty.

It looks like a great idea and a good project for next weekend.

Some of the key features:

Ready to play, download it, flash it, wire it and you’re ready to go!
-Supports almost all DACs
-Bit perfect playback (up to 32bit 192 khrtz)
-Samba support, for reading music stored on NAS
-Fat32 and NTFS support, connect your USB storage and you’re ready to go
-Audio output also from analog Jack
-Only few process are active, less is more in audio reproduction
-Web-radio, Spotify and supported
-Mp3, Wav, FLAC, AAC, ALAC support
-A nice webgui to configure and control RaspyFi
-You can control RaspyFi with lot of Apps for Mac,Win, Linux, Ios and Android
-Wi-Fi support out of the box
-Fits on 2gb SD
-Beets is included, to manage your library and get rid of bad metatags
-Optimized to reduce SD card wearing
-Wi-Fi ready out of the box

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