After a couple months of testing the new version of OpenELEC has been released. OpenELEC is an embedded version of XBMC and version 3.2 includes XBMC Frodo (the current version of XBMC) and backports from the next version of XBMC including lots of improvements for the Raspberry Pi. It also includes Linux kernel 3.10, new graphics drivers from AMD, Intel and nVidia. There are lots of new drivers including Raspberry Pi drivers which help optimise the performance of the OS.

Overall it’s a big change from the last version OpenELEC and well worth upgrading. Details and the download links from

Whats new in OpenELEC 3.2?

Like OpenELEC 3.0, the 3.2 release is based upon XBMC Frodo (12.x) but “under the hood” it includes many notable changes:

Many feature enhancements and bugfixes to XBMC Frodo; including a number of backports from Gotham and speed improvements for RaspberryPi users

Linux kernel 3.10, bringing many new and updated drivers and improvements


ALSA 1.0.27 (thanks to Anssi Hannula for various fixes and improvements)

Updated graphic drivers from AMD, Intel and nVidia

Updated and improved pi firmware (thanks to Dom Cobley)

Updated drivers and driver firmware

Updated XVBA, VDPAU and VAAPI libraries

Intel VPP (Video Post Processing API) support by Timo Rothenpieler (thanks also to various Intel developers like Haihao Xiang)

Support for many more remotes and keymaps

Initial PPTP and OpenVPN support (via connman)

Wireless tethering support (on WLAN cards that support it)

Completely reworked networking

Completely reworked bluetooth with support for more remotes

Added support for bluetooth keyboards and file transfers

Boot speed improvements for all platforms (particularly Raspberry pi)

Many bugfixes and package updates

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