The MediaPortal team have released a test version of MediaPortal 2, this is alpha 3 which is still meant for testing and not live systems (unless you are feeling really brave). There are lots of changes in the new version including support or resuming playback (the resume position is stored in the central library), more image formats and improved navigations.

There are lots of other fixes and updates in the build and it’s looking like MediaPortal 2 could be a good option for a whole home media system.

Details from their blog:

Improved user experience:

Added support for resuming playback, the resume position stored in central MediaLibrary

Added support for more image formats that can be used inside MP2

Added audio album cover support for Titanium and Reflexion skin

Added animated fanart backgrounds for Series and Movies

Improved navigation, restoring focus now works better when returning to previous screen


Fixed opacity mask rendering in SkinEngine

MediaLibrary importer now only does refresh imports

Updated plugins

Updated OnlineVideos plugin is included in this release

News plugin will now download default news feeds per country on first run

Weather plugin updated for new API

New plugins are available!

New WiFi configuration plugin (included)

WebRadio plugin to play your favourite web radio streams inside MP2!

CEC remote plugin allows controlling MP2 (Forum)

SlimTV plugin got a reworked miniguide (Forum) – Download: SlimTV – NativeTV or SlimTV – MPExtended from the new MP2 Plugins section on our website.

The full change log is available here: MediaPortal 2 Alpha 3 change log

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