MediaMonkey on a Nexus 7
The Android media player and manager app MediaMonkey has been been updated to build 167. The update has lots of bug fixes in it including resolving WiFi syncing issues, fixing missing album art and fixes for playlist issues. The app is a great app for managing large libraries on an Android device and will sync with the desktop version of the app.

The app is free from the Google Play Store.

What’s New

Build 167

Fixed playlists disappear in some cases

Fixed missing Album Art in some list views if Album contains a comma

Fixed missing album art for Various Artist / Compilation Albums

Fixed WiFi Sync: Tag changes (rating/playcount) are posted after building sync-list

Fixed Wifi Sync: improved error messaging on codec error

Fixed WiFi Sync: strange “Downloading ‘1/0’ status message”

Improved WiFi sync confirmation dialogs

Fixed Various dialogs crashes / memory leaks on orientation change

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