Showstoppers is an event within an event at IFA where the press gets to meet a small number of exhibitors in a more intimate environment than the general show floor. It is a good place to find things you might otherwise miss in the big expanse of IFA. I have to say I always really enjoy Showstoppers and tonight was as good as ever.

Probably the highlight was the 3Doodler – a kind of handheld 3D printer in a pen that extrudes plastic and allows you manually create 3D constructions but there were other great items as well from a very clever Air Washer (an Air Filter with built in humidifier) through a plethora of book readers to speakers built into light bulbs. Not to mention an absolutely stunning pair of noise cancelling headphones. We’ll hope to be able to review a lot of this technology in the weeks after IFA but for now here are a selection of images from the evening to wet your appetite.

Air Washer…

WP_20130905_165 WP_20130905_166 WP_20130905_167 WP_20130905_168 WP_20130905_169

Emergency phone that runs from a single AA battery…




Light bulb with built in Speaker



Kobo’s new range of eReaders

WP_20130905_172 WP_20130905_173 WP_20130905_174



WP_20130905_176 WP_20130905_177



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