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Samsung already let most of the cats out of the bag yesterday with the briefing on their new Smartwatch to a select few Journalists but that doesn’t mean the room isn’t still packed for their today’s press event at IFA.

This will be covering the full range of Samsung’s products from washing machines to Smart TVs with a particualr emphasis on what will be being released for Christmas this year in Europe.

We will be liveblogging this event – well as live as we can get with the usual limited wifi access at IFA.

!0:50 The pre load area for the event is heaving despite most of the real news already being out.

10:55 In the main room now a wide stage area with the left handside set up like a breakfast area with a fridge freezer, washing machine and vacuum cleaner(better not call it a hoover.) The right hand end is more like a typical lounge.

10:59 The music has hushed and the lights are dimming

11:00 The back of the stage just turned into a giant screen which appears to have touch capability.

11:00 Greg Dawson just took the stage. Goal today looking behind the scenes how Samsung innovates. Introducing BK Yoon President Samsung Consumer Electronics

11:01 Samsung they have launched 5 Consumer Lifestyle research centers

11:05 Home appliance business growing 20x faster than European market

11:06 60,000 employees work in R&D

11:07 Watching television beginning to be social event for families again thanks Samsung thing to larger/smarter TVs – just showed image of very large OLED tv.

11:08 now talking about education support Samsung gives

11:09 Mr Yoon leaves the stage, showing excerpt from GI: Joe and director Jon Chu talking about screen size and coloyr depthe for showing his movies – I gusee Samsung will say they deliver this. Rich Lee now saying much the same thing.

11:10 Hans Wienands just took the stand. Talking about latest Smart Hub and S Recommendation – nothing new here yet

11:13 New Vienna Opera App for Smart TV

11:14 Smart View App connect mobile to TV and vice Versa

11:15 New Smarter Fernsehen campaign in Germany to tell people about Smart TVs and what they can do

11:15 Michael Zoller to tell us about the Ultimate Picture Experience

11:15 The future is not flat introducing 55 inch Curved OLED TV – very crisp very clear. If you do no know with OLED each pixel is illuminated separately – has multiview 2 people can watch separate program at the same time. Very nice only 8000 Euros.

11:19 now talking  about 65 inch F9000 UHD TV (i.e. 4K TV) – very impressive

(note we will be adding pictures to this post once we have some reasonable Wi-Fi access)

11:20 Does Ultra HD 3D. Gesture Control, Built in camera, One Connect box – only one cable to box.

11:22 Markus Fritz(Eutelsat) and Sylvain Audiger (TF1) have come onto the stage to talk UHD TV broadcasting. Looks like UHD will come soonish for Live events. In fact just announced first live broadcast to the F9000 TV (bit no real details) – quick cameo appearance from these two.

11:23 UHD standard has not been settled but all Samsung UHD-TV will be upgradable

11:24 6000 EURO for the 65 inch F9000 available now.

11:26 Quick glimpse at S9 UHD TV  (85  inch, 98 inch and 110 inch)) 2 and half meters across  wow

11:27 Just announced a demonstration of UHD OLED TV double wow – will take a look on the booth tomorrow.

11:29  WON PARK-COSTOF  from Digital Appliances on stage now. No 1 in market for refrigerators.

11:31 Innovation across range includes using glass developed for TV as the door for new washing machines giving a clearer view inside.

11:32 Three top chefs just came on stage Michael Troigros is talking about Club De Chef a group of experts WP_20130905_055brought together by Samsung to help them with their development,

11:33 now talking about collaboration with Kitchen design companies. B and B Italia and Arclinea who have now come on stage.

11:38 BK Yoon back on stage to thank the chefs and designers and invite us all to the Samsung House during IFA

11:39 Great video to talk about vacuums Andreas Siedler now on stage talking about Samsung Motion-Sync  a hoover that follows you around.

11:43 Now talking about a new fridge with a Showcase and a inner case. Show case for quick access. Inner case for storage.

11:47 Samsung Print Life Paul Fox now – Printing is changing – need to print form mobiles – printing on the go. People with mobile devices print more than people who do not.41% growth in Samsung printers.

11:48 NFC enabled colour laser printer Xpress C460. Tap and print. Mono version M2070. Galaxy Note 3 support included

11:49  That is a wrap. So we will have to see the stand for more













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