Unfortunately we weren’t able to Live blog the Lenovo Press Conference but their booth had some interesting products.

A mix of new versions of the heavily advertised Yoga PC, some all in one PC’s with very sharp screens and their own range of tablets.

The new Yoga

WP_20130905_151 WP_20130905_152 WP_20130905_153 WP_20130905_154 WP_20130905_155

The new all in one PC has a very slimline base unit but still fits in space for an optical drive.

WP_20130905_157 WP_20130905_159


Atom powered 10″ Tablet PC – this seemed very responsive.


They had a number of other tablets on display.

The tablets are best in the 10 inch version which they offer running both android or windows. The 7 inch tablet lacked resolution and brightness so would make a poor choice. The 10 inch was crisp with good speed and resolution.

It was interesting that the 10 inch Windows 8 Tablet was Atom based and not RT,


They also had a Table concept tablet running windows 8 – although it didn’t appear to have a Windows Key which might make navigation interesting until 8.1 arrives.

WP_20130905_163 WP_20130905_164

Quite a good spec and very responsive. Would be good in situations the Old Surface (now PixelSense) table PC was designed for.


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