Kindle on an iPad

Amazon have released a new version of the Kindle app for iOS. Amazon say version 4.0 of the app is a major update and has a brand new design with new collections view. With collections you can organise your books, documents, and magazine into your own collections. The app has a new flatter style and uses translucently in the style of iOS 7.

Overall a nice improvement with a more modern look to it.

The app is free from the iTunes store.

What’s New in Version 4.0

Major Update Includes Brand-New Design & Collections! Kindle Version 4 is beautifully redesigned around the themes of deference, clarity and depth. Collections give customers the ability to simply and easily organize their libraries.

Updates include:
• Collections: Easily categorize books, docs, and magazines with a few easy taps
• Flatter style controls create a sharp, new customer experience
• Translucency effects keep constant connection between customers and their content
• Slide-out menus in Library and Reader that combine key controls and glide to the touch
• Performance and Stability Improvements


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