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Microsoft have updated the Xbox Music app for Windows 8.1 Preview. From the updated app you can Pause, Play and scrub from the always visible playback controls, manage your music folders directly from the app (something you couldn’t do before) and view the discography of an artist by either popularity or the year released.

There is a an improved Now Playing screen which works better when split 50:50 and there is a new welcome page on first launch. The whole app seems to perform better than the previous version as does the integration with Windows Search.

As Microsoft get ready for the Windows 8.1 release they seem to be updating the built in apps frequently, it’s under a month since the last updated to the music app.

Pause, play, and scrub with a single tap from the new always-visible playback controls.
Manage the folders in your Windows music library directly from the app.
See a new welcome page on first launch of the app.
View the full discography of an artist by popularity or year released.
Simplified Now Playing works better in portrait and in 50:50 views.
See which songs you already have in your collection when looking at an album in Explore.
More smoothly open the Xbox Music app after selecting to ‘Play top songs’ or ‘Explore album’ from a Windows Search result.
Improved performance loading and panning your collection.

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