Twonky Beam on a Nexus 7

Twonky have updated the Twonky Beam app for Android. The new version fixes playback issues with Android 4.3 devices but there still are issues on Google Nexus devices running 4.3. Also in the update is improved compatibility with Sony recorder devices.

Twonky Beam Browser enables sending of video files via the Android web browser to a DLNA enables device. The app is free from the Google Play Store and you watch a video of Twonky Beam in action I recorded at CES 2013

What’s New

• Fixed problems with video playback on Android OS 4.3 devices

• Improved compatibility with Sony recorder devices

• Known issues: Playback of some videos with Google Nexus devices on Android OS 4.3 may cause system to crash. This is a known issue in the Android media framework. Active investigation is underway to try to find a workaround.

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