TP-Link WiFi Entertainment Adapter

It seems all our devices want to be connected to the internet these days, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, servers and not everybody has their homes fully wired with CAT5 cabling. However must of us do have WiFi and TP-Links Entertainment Adapter is designed to bring WiFi to devices with jut Ethernet connections.

The adapter is dual band and works over the 5GHZ band as well as 2.4GHZ with should give 300Mbps. Pairing with a router is pretty simple, you can use WPS to get it up or go through the browser based setup. There are 4 Ethernet ports (10/100Mbps) and a MicroUSB port which is used to power the device and a charger and cable are included in the box. I was able to get setup pretty quickly, you just pick the wireless network, enter the WiFi key and you are all set. I connected up a laptop, turned off the WiFi and tried downloading files from my server, I found I was downloading around 6Mbs
TP-Link WiFi Entertainment Adapter

In this video I walk through the setup and connect it up to a TP-Link ADSL router (see my review) and take a look at what transfer speeds I can get from it. The adapter costs around £45 on Amazon.

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