Sky+ for Android updated, adds 4.3 compatibility, recording help and new DVD cover art

Sky+ on a Nexus 7

Sky have updated the Sky+ app for Android. The update is compatible with Jellybean 4.3 and adds a new Recording Help feature. If the app detects a clashing recording it will find an alternative airing to record. Also in the app are new DVD covers when browsing the Sky Movies and Sky Store collections which looks like many of the PC Media apps that displays cover art as well as information on actors and programme info and trending topics.

The app is a free from the Google Play Store.

What’s New

What’s new in this version?

• Jellybean 4.3 compatibility

• Recording Help – Resolve clashing programmes by finding an alternative airing to record.

• Stunning new DVD cover art in the Sky Movies and Sky Store sections of On Demand

• Discover More – now available actor and programme info on shows, see topics that are trending, tweet about a show and post to Facebook from the app.

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