This wedge shaped speaker unit is a little longer than an iPad and works from both USB and 3.5mm jack plug.

I am quite a fan of the speaker bar concept and this is a very nice portable speaker which is a worthy replacement for those tiny tinny speakers in your laptop. There is nothing tinny about this unit and although at the price you would not expect ultimate audio quality but this bar is pretty good – a very decent high end, a nicely rounded mid-range and even a pretty good bass. As with most Edifier speakers what strike you is the detail and clarity for such a relatively low-cost device. This is born out by the low THD figures although the Signal to Noise ratio could be a bit better.

Being the Plus version this device has the advantage of a built in battery (the standard version always has to be powered)

The battery can be charged from an USB source and it should be noted the speaker bar is not supplied with a power supply.

The speaker bar can also act as a USB audio device and was immediately recognised by all the PCs and Laptops I tried it with. To my ears there was a slight improvement using this method of connection over using the 3.5mm connection. One explanation for this would be if the USB to Go used an internal digital amp and thus using USB avoided any Analogue to Digital conversion but I was unable to prove if this was the case. The unit can be charged whilst being used plugged in as a USB audio device.

Controls are minimal and only a subtle blow glow around the control button at the end of the unit gives you an indication it is on.


Overall this is a really good speaker for the price and if you value audio quality and wanted something to replace the output of your laptop speakers whilst on the move it is adequately portable to make a worthwhile investment. We would however avoid the non=plus version if you intend to use it with a portable audio device away from a power source – the Plus version will work just fine in this arrangement.



Specification from Edifier Site


  • Re-chargeable Lithium Battery Power for up to 10 hours of play
  • Enhanced Sound Quality
  • USB audio streaming capabilities
  • Auxiliary input connects to audio enabled devices
  • Magnetically shielded, 3” x 1¼ “ oval passive radiator with built in amplifier
  • Two, 1¼ “ mid range drivers and two, 1¼” tweeters, all magnetically shielded
  • Soft protective carry pouch for transportation
  • USB cable included


  • Total power output:                            RMS 1W x 2
  • THD + N (testing level):                    0% Signal to noise ratio:≥75dBA
  • Frequency response:                       20Hz – 20KHz Distortion: ≤1%
  • Input sensitivity:                                 USB: 800mV ± 50mV (THD+N=1%) | AUX: 500mV ± 50mV (THD+N=1%)
  • Audio Input Type:                                USB, Auxiliary
  • Passive Radiator/bass unit:            3” x 1¼”oval, magnetically shielded, 5Ω
  • Midrange / high unit:                         Two circular 1¼ “,  magnetically shielded
  • Tweeter unit:                                       Two circular 1¼ ”, magnetically shielded
  • Dimension (Unboxed):                    10.28” x 3.6” x 4.4”  26.1cmx3.6cmx4.4cm  .82lbs | .37kg
  • Dimension (Boxed):                          2.36” x 2.36” x 11.46” 6cm x 6cm x 29.10cm .99lbs | 45kg

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