Raspberry PiWhen I saw a new build of OpenELEC I have hoping to see the release version of version 3.2 but sadly it’s another test build. Version 3.1.7. is a test build for the new version of OpenELEC and includes more backports from XBMC Gotham for the Raspberry Pi (including dual audio support) and it fixes installer issues, heating issues (I guess that means over heating issues) and disk detection bugs.

Don’t forget this is still a test build and if you want to give it a try go to openelec.tv for the download link.

The OpenELEC 3.1 release series are test releases (beta) for OpenELEC-3.2.
OpenELEC-3.2 will be the next stable release, which is a feature release and the successor of OpenELEC-3.0.

This release includes some bugfixes and improvements. Besides the usual bugfixes and package updates we also added some more backports from XBMC Gotham for RaspberryPi (again many thanks to ‘Popcornmix for the help and support here) as well as “Dual Audio output” for RaspberryPi.

We also fixed the broken Installer, heating issues on some Intel based systems, harddisk and optical disk detection and mount (which should solve issues with mounting/using Bluray disks too) .

You should only upgrade from OpenELEC-3.0 to OpenELEC 3.1.7 for testing purposes.

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