Back in May Ceton released a 6 tuner network based CableCARD tuner for Windows Media Center and today the PCIe version has been released. The tuner requires just a single tuner card and gives Windows Media Center 6 HD tuners for recording or watching and would be great to power Windows Media Center Extenders like Ceton’s own Echo devices. Amazon and Newegg are selling the tuner for $299 and if you have CableCARD and use Media Center this would be a great tuner to power a whole home TV setup.


  • Watching and recording up to six live HD cable channels at once, including premium and encrypted channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz;
  • Streaming live HD channels or recordings to multiple TVs and PCs in the home;
  • Having Digital Video Recording (DVR) available on every TV, using Windows Media Center Extenders like the Ceton Echo;
  • Enjoying cable TV, streaming media services, music, photos, videos and more, all through one device, with the Media Center experience from Microsoft;
  • Eliminating expensive cable box and DVR fees.

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