VLC for Android on a Nexus 7

Videolan have updated the Android VLC app bringing fixes for Android 4.3. The 15th beta of VLC for Android fixes Android 4.3 issues and improves decoding speed. VLC is a very handy app to have in your collection as it plays so many different video formats from local and network sources.

VLC for Android is free from the Google Play Store

What’s New

This is the 15th beta of VLC for Android.

This 0.1.3 version is out mostly to fix issues with Android 4.3.

The previous version was improving decoding speed and solving a few crashes and bugs.

If you have audio issues, a setting allows you to use a different audio method, like AudioTrack (Java).

Another one is available for video output (YV12 is the fastest, RGB32 the safest).

You have now settings to control quality vs speed.

Remember, this is still a beta 😉

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