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The Raspbmc version of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi has been updated. The July update has improvements to the XBMC player on the Pi, including MKV and Live TV improvements as well as DTS decoding optimisation. VNC server is now included and enabled via Raspbmc settings so you can remote control your Raspberry Pi via a VNC client.

There are many other updates included in the July update which you can get by restarting your Raspberry Pi running Raspmbc or download the image from their download page.

Going forward Raspbmc is going to be part of a new linXBMC distribution which will bring Raspbmc to other devices, developer Sam Nazarko says that the new distribution will be based on Debian Linux, available for multiple devices and include new features like streaming from a browser to XBMC. More info at linxbmc.com and more info on the July Raspbmc update at raspbmc.com

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