How to Add an SD Cards to Windows 8.1 libraries

Xbox Music on a Surface RT

In Windows 8 adding an SD card to the Windows Music, Videos and Pictures libraries was a bit of a hassle. I wrote up a guide that lays out the steps you need to get an SD Cards content to show up in the built in Windows libraries. With Windows 8.1 things are a lot easier, there is no need to use Disk Manager you can simply add them from Windows Explorer.

The best way is to go to the SD Card in Windows Explorer, create Music, Pictures and Video folders and then right click on one of the folders and select Add To Library and pick the relevant folder. The content will then show up in the built in Windows 8 apps and in Windows Explorer.

It’s much simpler than in Windows 8 and for small sized devices like the Surface RT the SD Card is a great way to expand the storage.

6 thoughts on “How to Add an SD Cards to Windows 8.1 libraries

  1. Is it also possible to add music from a NAS to the Xbox Music app?

    I have music in my library stored on a NAS which WMC can see but the Xbox Live music app does not for whatever reason.

  2. No, it is not possible to use NAS devices for any of the Microsoft media Apps. The development insist that network devices must be running Windows search engines, and use the indexes to retrieve metadata. The 8.1 Photos App seems to go one step further and refuse to use anything other than local data. I hope that is just a bug in the App…

    1. Thanks. I was hoping this was changed in 8.1 but it seems it has not. How silly. MS seem adamant that we use other people’s apps and programmes to see media libraries stored on NAS.

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