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Skype have announced that the Skype video messaging features that have been in the beta testing for a while are now out of beta. Skype Video Messaging is now available for the desktop versions of Skype, the Windows Store version, iPhone and iPad, Android and BlackBerry. There is no mention of Windows Phone in the announcement on the Skype Blog.

Skype messaging is an offline video service where you can send someone on your contact list a message and they can pickup the message when they are next online, the service is free and included it the latest version of its apps.

We’re excited to announce that video messaging is now coming out of preview as a full-fledged (and free!) feature in Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8Skype for MacSkype for iPhoneSkype for iPadSkype for Android and Skype for BlackBerry. Just like the millions of users around the world who have already previewed video messaging, you too can now record and share a personal video message, even when your friends and loved ones are not available. The best part is that they’ll be able to view your video message as soon as they sign into Skype.Skype Video Messaging is easy and convenient, and only the contact you’ve chosen to receive your message can view it.

Video messaging is now available to all Skype users. You can send and receive as many video messages as you want – completely free of charge. Video messages can be received and viewed on any platform or device running Skype.

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