My Movies is a great platform for managing and playing your movie collection. In its earliest incarnation it was an addin for Windows XP Media Center and over time the My Movies team have added Windows Home Server, Windows 7 and 8 Media Center, Android, Mac and iOS app and the latest platform to get the app is Windows Phone.

This is the first My Movies app for Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 and the app in private beta at the moment. The development team are looking for feedback from Windows Phone users and if you are interested in giving it a try you can email [email protected] with:

  • The e-mail address on the Microsoft account you use on the Windows Phone Store.
  • The username on your My Movies user account (Or simply contact us from the e-mail address you are signed up with).

The Windows Phone version of My Movies looks great, the UI ha a great modern style and you can keep track and manage your movie collection from Windows Phone. More information about the beta on

Bring Your Movie Collection Everywhere

My Movies for Windows Phone is the fastest, easiest and most impressive way you have ever kept track of your movie collection. Using our high quality movie database of more than 700,000 titles on DVD and Blu-ray, you quickly get access to a large quantity of details for the titles in your movie collection, including movie trailers and much more.

Use My Movies for Windows Phone to easily create a large collection, and get a great overview of your collection by simple search and advanced filter and sort options. Keep track of who loans your movies, and never forget which movies you have watched and when you watched them. My Movies inspires you through title details, trailers and the high-resolution covers makes the experience almost real. Customization and personalization makes the application your own. Share your collection list through email, PDF or your own online collection list. My Movies is available for several clients, but you only need to create one account to access your collection on all clients. Your collection is stored on our servers, and therefore you never lose your collection. No need to pick up your remote control, use your Windows Phone device as a fully functioning remote for Windows Media Center. If you are using another application or if your collection is stored in a text file, our importer makes is easy to switch. Your collection will be based on our database which contains more than 700.000 titles, but if one is missing you can report it and our team will create it for you.


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