Last year we took a look at the Boogie Board and in fairness the design was quite appealing to a child with the bright colours and appealing to a parent in the money you save in paper scribbled on.

The latest version I have is in a smart red and silver and has the pen integrated. So no more worrying where you left the pen.It is fitted with a magnet so you can just stick it on the fridge and use it as a message board by putting the pen through like a kick stand.

This is a far more adult design and the model I’m looking at is the Jot 8.5. Style wise it is a world away from the original boards. It is a little bit thicker but it is not a problem.

It has a smart silver button for erasing unlike the slightly smudgy one of old. The stylus stores away in a slot at the top. Great idea as with the old one I did tend to have to check I had the “right” stylus in my hand.

There is also a lock on this version so if you have an important note just click that on and the erase button won’t work.

Handily this one does not run out after 10,000 uses you just open the battery cover on the back and slide in a new battery.

It is a far more stylish design and much more appealing to put in your kitchen or even be seen with as an adult.

Prices do seem to vary I have seen £54 which does seem a bit high but also a more reasonable £34.

Whilst this cannot save to your computer and really only replaces the idea of a notepad or sticky note, when I consider how many pads I get through with notes and lists this actually can be a money saver and I can cross off the jobs as I deal with them. Many of the hi-tech tablets are confused when I try and cross items off a list!!

So if you are looking for an LCD writer and want to do your bit to save the environment this could be a good option for you. You could now safely take this to a business meeting without people thinking you had been raiding your child’s toy box.

Well done Boogie Board a stylish upgrade.

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