I use my smartphone as a satnav, music player and podcast player in the car all the time, I use CoPilot Live which is a great Turn by Turn app for Android but it does drain the battery with the screen being on all the time. A nice simple solution is a USB charger that fits in the DC Port in the car and charge your phone from that. Innergie have a nice little dual USB charger that I have been using recently that unlike some other chargers will happily charge two phones at once.

I have tried other changers and found that having two phones connected and using a SatNav on the phone the charger couldn’t put out enough power to actually charge the phone.

See this example where I used the other charger on my drive home at the end of the day.

This example shows the Innergie charger on the same trip:

The mMini DC10 costs around £18 from Amazon and I found it’s great for charging my Nexus 4 and iPad at the same time. They also sell a bundle which includes a cable for the iPhone (both types of connector) for £24 on Amazon.

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