The OpenELEC team have released version 3.0.4 of OpenELEC the embedded XBMC media center distribution. This version is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and security updated plus it also contains speed and memory optimization. OpenELEC is a version of XMBC designed to be an all in one distribution including options to install to a USB drive and boot directly off it.

Full change log and download links on the OpenELEC blog.



xbmc: add upstream patches

xbmc: update XVBA/VDPAU patch

lirc: add initial irtoy support

lirc: move XBOX driver to kernel

projects/Ultra: linux: enable mceusb support

linux: add SMK Manufacturing Inc. Infrared Receiver support

projects/RPi/linux: add joystick/xpad support

xbmc: build with LTO and –as-needed support

replace package ‘libcofi’ with package ‘arm-mem’

binutils, gcc: readd and enable GOLD support

busybox: optimize builtin shell config

remove package ‘bash’ and replace with busybox ‘ash’

pm-utils: added module r8712u to SUSPEND_MODULES, fixes #2307

Revert “Fixes for slow channel switching”

busybox-initramfs: add fsck for local disks, actually supported for ext2-4, vfat/msdos and hfs/hfs+ partitions

xf86-video-intel: update to xf86-video-intel-2.21.9

libX11: update to libX11-1.6.0 (security update)

smem: update to v1.3

gnutls: update to gnutls-3.2.1

pcre: update to pcre-8.33

cryptodev-linux: update to cryptodev-linux-1.6

dbus: update to dbus-1.6.10

lm_sensors: update to lm_sensors-3.3.4

libxml2: update to libxml2-2.9.1

cmake: update to cmake-2.8.11

ppl: bump version to 1.1pre9

systemd: update to systemd-204

iptables: update to iptables-

tinyxml: update to tinyxml-2.6.2_2

libXxf86vm: update to libXxf86vm-1.1.3 (security update)

libXtst: update to libXtst-1.2.2 (security update)

libXt: update to libXt-1.1.4 (security update)

libXrandr: update to libXrandr-1.4.1 (security update)

libXinerama: update to libXinerama-1.1.3 (security update)

libXext: update to libXext-1.3.2 (security update)

libjpeg-turbo: update to libjpeg-turbo-1.3.0

libXfixes: update to libXfixes-5.0.1 (security update)

gmp: update to gmp-5.1.2

libnfs: update to libnfs-1.6.0, this fixes #2323, this fixes #2324

sqlite: update to sqlite-autoconf-3071700

alsa-utils: update to alsa-utils-

alsa-lib: update to alsa-lib-

ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-0.10.7

libfontenc: update to libfontenc-1.1.2 (security update)

libXau: update to libXau-1.0.8 (security update)

automake: update to automake-1.13.2

openssh: update to openssh-6.2p2

For a full changelog on what’s new, follow the link below:…3.0.4

You can find the new release of OpenELEC 3.0.4 on the downloads page

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