The developer behind Raspbmc the XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi has announced that he is working with a team building a device based on the same chip as the Raspberry Pi and will run Raspbmc version of XBMC. The Stealth Nighthawk F117A is a HDMI stick that has the Broadcom BCM2835 chip in it and comes with an SD card pre-configured with Raspbmc on it. You get the advantages of XBMC in a simple HDMI stick design. The device is available for pre-order at $59.99 which seems expensive as it’s more than a Raspberry Pi but is a complete device and you could plug it into your HDMI port and you are away. They are currently seeking funding via

I do wonder about the merits of a commercial operation building on top of the great work done by the Raspberry Pi foundation (a charity), read the blog post and the comments on and make up your own mind.

The device is self-housed, is cheaper than a Raspberry Pi when all components are purchased and is aimed for a consumer market.

The Dutch manufacturer Anaar are happy to announce a $59.99 pre-order price guarantee for the first 250 units, which gets you:

The device itself

An SD card with a customised version of Raspbmc installed

They’d love it if you could vote for them in the Accenture Innovation Awards 2013 here. And if you’d like to fund the project or pre-order a unit, you can do so here

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