This week there was another batch of updates for the Surface RT which include the new keyboard shortcuts. On Microsoft’s Surface Blog the Surface Team have explained some of the improvements in recent updates. As well as the keyboard changes they talk about the WiFi fixes in the last few updates, Microsoft took many attempts to fix the “limited connectivity” issues that effected the Surface RT and the situation seemed to be much improved. There is also a new driver for Surface USB to Ethernet adaptor that enables PXE boot so you can boot over a network.

Microsoft say they are continuing to improve the Surface devices and of course we have the Windows 8.1 preview coming later this month.

Spoiler alert – we’re sharing some more updates to Surface that will make it even better. Before your eyes glaze over at the thought of installing updates and trying to understand them, remember that these updates show up of their own accord via Windows Update. So while it’s important to us that you know the work that’s being done, there is not a lot of homework for you here.

Our last post on updates and improvements was back in March, and since then we’ve been hard at work on a number of things that will impact the way you use your Surface.

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