The MediaPortal team have released version 1.40 of MediaPortal. Version two may be in development but version one updates continue and the latest version 1.4.0 has lots of improvements and fixes. Last month MediaPortal release a test version of 1.4.0 and the release version contains the fixes present in the beta. There are HDMI improvements, faster startup, improved power handling, improved music playback and Blueray playback amongst the changes.

So if you want the latest stable version checkout this build of MediaPortal, if want to see the future of MediaPortal have a look at version 2 alpha. This is the last version to work Windows XP, starting with 1.5 you will need Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 to use MediaPortal so pack up that old XP machine.

Details from the MediaPortal blog including how to upgrade from older versions.


HDMI half/fullscreen fix:
HDMI is THE connection these days. In 1.4.0 we have finally managed to fix the issue that plagued so many people in our community. MediaPortal no longer resizes into a small window when you use HDMI to connect your HTPC with a TV or AV receiver!

MediaPortal starts faster:
MediaPortal can take a fair amount of time to start. This release introduces a few changes which should reduce that startup time a bit.

Standby (S3) hibernation (S4) handling reworked:
MediaPortal’s compatibility with Windows power saving features has been improved. Hopefully this will allow you to save some money from your power bill.

Compensate for Windows DPI settings different than 100%
Windows has a feature that enables you to increase the size of text (to make it easier to read). This version of MediaPortal works better than previous versions when that feature is enabled.

Video and TV-recordings thumbnails creation
Our thumbnail creator for video files has been worked on to make it more reliable.
We are also now able to create thumbnails for TV recordings on multiseat systems!

Picture thumbnail creation
MediaPortal 1.4.0 creates picture thumbnails more than 10x faster than MediaPortal 1.3.0.

Music playback
The music player implementation has been given an overhaul. WASAPI support has been added and the existing ASIO support has been cleaned up.

MediaPortal Audio Renderer
Based on your feedback, the MPAR which was first introduced in MediaPortal 1.3.0 has been refined and improved even further.

Blu-Ray Playback
We know you love the native Blu-Ray support that was introduced in MediaPortal 1.3.0. We’ve made further improvements in this release.

TV-Server enhancements
The TV-Server has received numerous small fixes and enhancements such as the option to also import and export your tuner settings.

New logging framework
The new log4net logging has elements that can be configured, specifically the log file size and log rotation.

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