MediaMonkey the app managing and syncing metadata and play history between Android and Windows devices has been updated a couple of times since I last wrote about it. Build 139 has lots of fixes including fixing app crashes, improved syncing of playlists and other bug fixes.

It’s an excellent app for managing music and one of very few that apps that syncs plays between Android, Windows and Windows 8.

The app is free from the Google Play Store.

What’s in this version:

Build 139
Improvement: app shouldn’t automatically terminate if an audio device is connected
Fixed app can crash in some cases
Fixed playlists don’t update on resync
Fixed playing some tracks triggers lyric search for multiple tracks
Fixed lyrics search fails for compilation albums
Fixed failure to terminate in some cases due to PlaybackService
Fixed Lock Player opens in some cases that it shouldn’t
Fixed manual log causes out of memory exceptions
Fixed manual log keyboard should be optimized

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