Microsoft have started talking about the Windows Blue update that is coming later this year and the Windows Embedded team have started talking about the “Blue” update. In a post on the Windows Embedded Blog Microsoft say they will be bringing the update to Windows Embedded later this year. There are no other details yet but prior to Windows 8 the embedded version of Windows had templates for building Windows Media Center systems and some OEMS where using the platform for set top boxes. Windows 8 Embedded removed the set top box features and I don’t expect to see Blue add them back to the OS but you never know.

We’re continuing our focus on delivering Windows technologies across a range of industry devices and scenarios beyond PCs and tablets. We’ve seen tremendous response from our ecosystem following the Windows Embedded 8 releases; and we will continue to deliver the technologies our customers and partners depend on to meet their business needs – at the cadence demanded by the market. With Windows Blue, we are furthering our platform alignment with Windows to address a growing category of devices on the edge of enterprise networks and will be bringing the update to market later this year.

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