VLC for Android beta 12 released

VLC for Android on a Nexus 7
The 12th beta of VLC for Android has been released. This build fixes issues from the previous release including crashes, fixing audio issues and it gives you the option to select video output formats.

The app is a free download from the Google Play Store.

This is the twelfth beta of VLC for Android.
0.1.0 is a bugfix and performance release compared to the previous ones.
It should solves quite a few crashes and misbehaviors, and should prepare the framework for future improvements.
If you have audio issues, a preference setting allows you to use a different audio method, like AudioTrack (Java).
Another preference is available for video output (YV12 is the fastest, RGB32 the safest).
We keep working on it, but remember, this is still a beta 😉

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