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If you need internet access on the go you can share your phones 3G signal via tethering but it drains your battery and can have limited signal range. This is where TP-Link’s solution comes in, the portable Router is a battery powered device that can share out 3G and 4G signals via a dongle creating your own internet connected network. You can connect up to five devices to it via WiFi and as well as working with a mobile signal it can also share out a WAN cable. Having WAN and 3G options is very handy as one can backup the other. So you could use the 3G connect as a backup for the wired connection or the other way around, you can also use it as a standalone WiFi access point.

The battery lasts about 4 to 5 hours and is charged via a MicroUSB cable (cable and chargers supplied). The WiFi is 802.11n and supports most 3G/4G dongles (see this list) , in this video I unbox the unit and get it setup with my 3G dongle, I also take a look at some of the options the device offers.

The device costs around £38 on Amazon

TP-Link 3G/4G Router

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