TP-Link WiFi Booster

WiFi all around the home is great but sometimes there are dead spots where the WiFi will not reach, it may be a room just out of range or maybe you want WiFi in your shed at the bottom of the garden and your current setup doesn’t cut it. TP-Link has a WiFi booster designed for these kind of situations, it connects to your existing WiFi and then it extends the reach of your WiFi network. The unit I tested also had a Ethernet port on it so you can use it to bring WiFi to devices that only have Ethernet ports.

In this video I open up the box and connect it up to my network and then take a trip outside to see how far away from the house we can get, watch the video and you can see just how far we got!

The TP-Link TL-WA850RE 300Mbps ranger extender costs around £28 on Amazon UK

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