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I am a big fan of Sonos music players, the sound quality is fantastic and I love being able to control it from a Smartphone. In the past I have reviewed the PLAY:3 and the SUB and in this video I take a look at the PLAYBAR which is Sonos entry into the speaker bar market. The speaker bar is designed to fit under your TV and can be used to play the TVs sound as well as be great for listening to music via the Sonos apps.

As you would expect from a Sonos device the sound quality is excellent and the PLAYBAR has a really nice clear sound with plenty of volume. It fits in really well in to our home theatre system by having an optical connection (cable included) so you can send audio from your TV to the device and you during the setup you set up the device to control your TV via IR and with the apps you can switch from the TV to music playback and do all the great Sonos stuff and then it will switch the playback back the TV audio when you turn your TV back on. The integration make it a very easy but powerful system to control. You can also add in Sonos two Sonos PLAY3 as rear speakers and a Sonos SUB to complete the 5.1 audio system.

In this video I take a look at the hardware, connect it up to my network and TV and put the PLAYBAR through its paces.


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