TP-Link Nano Router

If you after a portable router to take with you when you travel you should checkout TP-Link’s Nano Router. The tiny Wireless N Router is powered by a USB charger (which is included) and can be used as an Access Point, Router, Bridge or Repeater. It would be very handy if your using a hotel network via Ethernet and want to connect via a device like an iPad and as it’s powered by a Micro USB cable you don’t even need to carry the charger.

In this video I connect up the router to my network and try it in access point and router mode.

The TP-Link Nano costs £16.99 on

2 thoughts on “TP-Link Nano Router review”
  1. These are great for client mode too making any Ethernet only device wireless. Often for less than the price of the manufacturers own dongle. However, I use one in client mode for computer repair. My main router, an ASUS RT-N66U, has guest wireless networks which can be totally isolated from the main wireless network and Ethernet ports. So, by configuring the TP-Link as a client on the guest network, I can connect a potentially infected Ethernet only PC to the internet without risk to my LAN devices. Brilliant!

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