Microsoft’s Surface Pro has a pressure sensitive Wacom pen but currently it doesn’t work with software like Photoshop (any program that uses the Wintab system). It’s something causing Surface Pro users lots of frustration but finally there is a beta driver that has just been released that fixes the problem. Barb Bowman has the details on her blog, once the driver is installed you can use pressure sensitivity with the Surface Pro and programs like Photoshop CS.

You can get the driver from the Wacom driver page, if only we had the Surface Pro in the UK!

Strangely, not a single mention of Surface Pro in the description. The description reads “Expand the capabilities of your tablet computer with the enhanced tablet driver for systems that use Wacom Feel IT® technology! Installing this driver will provide many advanced pressure-sensitive features that Wacom pen tablet users have come to enjoy.” And no mention of Feel IT on the official Surface Pro specifications page at

Shortly after that tweet from Panos Panay, strangely labeled drivers appeared on the Wacom driver download site. And again, not a single tweet from Microsoft, Panos, or the official @Surface Twitter account about this.


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