After months of waiting the Surface Pro is finally on sale in the UK. Microsoft opened up orders yesterday with the 128GB Pro costing £799 without a cover and £719 for the 64GB version. Covers start at £99 for the Touch cover and £109.99 for the Type cover which in my opinion is the cover you should go for if you want to do any typing. You can Office 365 Home Premium to the mix for £79.99

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of units like there was in the US. I love my Surface RT but don’t need the extra features of Windows 8 as I have a notebook I use in the office but if you want it as a main device then this is very portable and powerful Windows device. What Microsoft really needs to do to make the Surface Pro a success in the UK is get it in to stores like PC World and get it on sale on Amazon, at the moment it’s only available in the Microsoft Store.


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