Surface Pro on sale in the UK May 23rd starting at £719

We finally have a date when the Microsoft’s Surface Pro will arrive in the UK. During a chat with a Microsoft rep on the Surface site the rep told one of our podcast listeners Jonathan Hill that the Pro would be available for pre-order May 23rd, see the chat windows below.

Last night Microsoft officially confirmed the pricing, the 64GB Pro will be £719 and the 128GB will be £799 both come without a keyboard which will cost you an extra £109.99 for the Type cover and £99.99 for the Touch Cover (I recommend the Type Cover). That makes it an expensive proposition but it is a very nice device. The Surface Pro is only going to be available from the Microsoft Store in the UK and not in any stores at least initially.

Anybody looking to order one?

8 thoughts on “Surface Pro on sale in the UK May 23rd starting at £719

  1. Having played with a Surface pro in the US; i dont think i will be getting one – £800+ for a pro with a keyboard – i would get a really nice ultra book instead – the pro falls between 2 requirements – its not a good device to replace a laptop, smaller screen, not a real keyboard etc, and is too heavy to be used as a tablet – when compared to iPads, Nexus 7’s etc.

  2. That’s a massive jump up from £400 Surface RT with a free type keyboard. I wonder if this is designed to push more people to RT?

    1. I guess the RT is not selling that well. I love my RT but not sure I need a Pro, having said that it would be good for coving events like CES

  3. Hi Jon,
    you are right – it would be an awesome Media center – but then how about a touch screen with a raspberry pi behind it 😉 much cheaper!
    re ultrabooks as tablets the Pro is actually quite heavy – not sure how much use it would get in “tablet mode”.. but i would look at a lenovo yoga for example….

    1. Thanks but the Yoga (win8pro version) looks is less of a tablet as it is even heavier and more expensive, I agree more of a laptop that tablet so I think it depends on main what the main use is.

      1. So – now the surface pro has been out a week or so – has anyone had a chance to play with one – and if so – what do you think – will you be buying one? (I wont ;))

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