Splashtop on Windows Phone
I have been a fan of Splashtop remote desktop on the iPad for a long time, in fact I have used it as a way of watching Windows Media Center video on my iPad. Splashtop have just launched a client for Windows Phone that is free for a limited time. The free version of the app enables you to remote control you Windows PC as works very much like Microsoft remote desktop as it sends audio and video but uses the current session rather than a separate user session and works over your LAN, you can also purchase a Anywhere pack than enables connection over the internet. I find Splashtop works better than VNC for controlling a Windows PC and the Windows Phone version works just as well as the iPad version, I found video streaming pretty good on the HTC Windows Phone 8X

The app is free from the Windows Phone Store.

Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop for Windows Phone gives you high-performance remote access to your PC or Mac from your Windows Phone. Splashtop is the ONLY remote access product capable of delivering full audio and HD video streaming and even interactive 3D gaming. (Access across the Internet requires purchase of the optional Anywhere Access Pack.)

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