Over the weekend Plex updated the Android app and today the iOS edition has updated. Version 3.2 has faster loading and filtering as it now using paging when communicating with the server and you can control playback on an iOS device remotely from other Plex apps. Also in the version are performance enhancements and bug fixes, the app works with thePlex Sever which is free and the iOS app costs £2.99 from the iTunes Store.


What’s New in Version 3.2

We’ve been hard at work since the last update, aiming to resolve the main issues experienced by some users since the recent filtering changes, and tracking down the last few remaining bugs with PlexSync. We hope you’ll be happy with the latest changes!

New in this version:

– Plex now uses paging when requesting content from media servers, resulting in much faster section loading and filtering. The difference is huge, especially with larger libraries or over remote connections!

– You can now remotely start and control playback on your iOS device from other Plex apps on your network.

– The app will alert you if you attempt to play content which is missing or unavailable (say, from an unmounted drive).

Fixed in this version:

– Many performance and reliability improvements during sync, including a rather horrible bug that could cause all content to be deleted when syncing over a poor network connection.

– The Retry Sync button works correctly again.

– All disk space is released when deleting the last sync item.

– MOV files with MP3 audio now use the transcoder to ensure successful playback.

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