A couple of months ago Plex introduced a brand new version of the Android Plex app. The new app has a new redesigned and has a faster UI, it also supports PlexSync for PlexPass subscribers. The version 3 app was only available to PlexPass subscribers but the now the app is available for all users of the app. There is a great long list of changes to the new version, see the list below.

The app costs £3.21 from the Google Play Store, more details on the Plex blog.

What’s in this version:

Whats new? What isn’t!
After making it through our PlexPass gauntlet, we’re happy to make Plex for Android available for all. This update was rebuilt from the ground up, and includes some major new features:
– Completely redesigned and faster UI
– Full support for filtering/sorting library content
– Support for PlexSync and mobile server (requires PlexPass)
Check out our recent blog post for more information: http://elan.plexapp.com/2013/05/25/the-new-plex-for-android-released-for-everyone/


Improved login and signup experience

Audio control notifications (skip, pause, play)

Improved refreshing of library sections (scroll position maintained)

Added new section filtering options, On Deck, Recently Added, Types, By Folder, etc.

Added share option, allows queuing URLs to Plex from other applications

Ability to browse “up” from library content

New preplay layouts for small screen devices

Added remote play support (“Play On”) (hold down play button)

Added remote play notifications

Support for client side subtitles

Support for ‘Announcements’ to keep up to date all things Plex

Default posters for items

Parallax scrolling background art on home screen and small-screen prepays

Delete library content from client (needs to be enabled on your server)

Maximum quality setting. Helps ensure remuxing on GTVs.

Force Direct Play Profile (available in Settings – Device Profile). Attempts to always Direct Play videos and will fallback to transcoding if fails.

Setting to allow disabling ‘Network Discovery’

If direct playing fails, fall back to transcoding

Connectivity checks when user refreshes home screen

[Sync] Massive UI improvements

[Sync] New “synced” filter in library sections

[Sync] Merging of libraries with those currently synced

[Sync] Allow synced content to be played to external players

[Sync] Add option to “prefer synced content”

[GTV] Allow the play button to directly play On Deck items

[GTV] Allow the play button to play items from their preplay screens

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