Brian Binnerup and the My Movies team have updated the OS X version of My Movies. My Movies for OS X Spring Pre Release version 4 is available for testing via the My Movies web site. The Spring update has lots of new features and the team are looking to get feedback on the updated version.

Head over to the My Movies site for details.

What’s new

The update contains various of new additions and bug fixes, however the most important ones are:

Support for box sets.

Storage of meta-data for XBMC Frodo.

Storage of meta-data for Mede8er devices.

Storage of meta-data for Dvico TViX devices.

Storage of embedded meta-data in MP4 files.

Option to display covers in list view.

Performance improvements for large collections.

Export of database now contains the option of exporting cover images.

Support for retina displays.

Releases option to add titels by a release calendar.

The most important parts we would like feedback on is the support for box sets, and the meta-data storage options. It is important, especially for meta-data storage that you also let us know if this works well for you.

Why these meta-data storage options?

Due to the fact that the My Movies Collection Management for Windows software includes several additional devices for meta-data storage, the question of why XBMC, Mede8er, TViX and MP4 files was selected as the first devices to store data for is expected. Especially our many users of HDI Dune devices will with good reason ask why the Dune was not prioritized as the first playback device to store meta-data for.

The reason behind this is a combination of time usage, and the fact that we are concerned if Apple will let our implementation pass through to the App Store, due to the sandboxing limitations that you can read a bit more about below.

The support for XBMC Frodo was prioritized as it consisted of a combination of XML files and graphics files, which time wise is resonably quick to implement.

The support for Mede8er devices was prioritized as it mainly consists of a graphical file for displaying the meta-data, based on a template generate that is used for not only the Mede8er, but also for the Dune and others. Implementing support for this graphical template option therefore made sense overall, and the additional work for meta-data storage for the Mede8er was limited.

The support for the Dvico TViX,, which is no longer a very popular player was prioritized because it used the same common graphical file as mentioned above, as well as a standard folder.jpg image, and the time usage to support it was therefore very minimal.

The support for storing meta-data in MP4 files was prioritized on the Mac as MP4 files are used by many Mac users, due to the fact that this is native format in iTunes. We believed that this would be an option that would be of great interest to the Mac users.

The support for Dune and Popcorn Hour devices is more complicated, and takes much more time to develop. Due to the below described concerns about sandboxing, we would like to see the first implementations being accepted into the App Store before spending more time on development of meta-data storage options.

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