Up to now the YouTube app on Windows Phone was pretty basic to say the least, the basically it’s a shortcut to the mobile web version of YouTube. Today Microsoft have released an update to the app that gives you the proper YouTube experience on Windows Phone. The app has pinned videos, playlists, channels and an active live title. There is also video sharing via Facebook, Twitter, email and text.

You can pin the app in Kid’s Corner and configure it to limit content based on YouTube Safety Mode. The update is for Windows Phone 8 and there is an update for Windows Phone 7.5 coming soon. It looks like the app update hasn’t hit the UK store yet as I am still getting the old version.

Details from the Windows Phone Blog

The Windows Phone 8 version of the official YouTube app is getting a major update this morning; It’s been completely redesigned to make the most of Windows Phone 8 features. If you already have it, watch for an update notification on your phone. If you don’t, grab it here. (The app just published, so it might take a few hours to show up.)

What’s new? Lots.

Pin videos, playlists, channels, and even search queries to Start as Live Tiles for fast access. The tile flips to show either the latest video from your subscriptions or the most popular one.

A new and innovative playlist design gives you easy access to videos using a touch-friendly filmstrip.

Just want to listen to a video? It now plays in the background even when the screen is locked.

You can share videos to popular social networks, and via email and text.

And there’s no need to worry about the little ones viewing content you don’t approve of, since you can now pin YouTube to Kid’s Corner and limit content based on YouTube Safety Mode settings you configure. An update for Windows Phone 7.5 is also on the way in a few weeks.

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