Microsoft Surface RT

In a Q&A on the Windows Blog Microsoft’s Tami Reller Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer answered questions on the update coming for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The Windows Blue update is due later this year and is “an opportunity for us to respond to the customer feedback that we’ve been closely listening to” and the rumours are that it could see the return of the Start button and maybe boot to desktop. They has been a lot of talk about Microsoft needing to return the Windows Start button something I don’t really seen the need for but I suppose it won’t actual do any harm to bring it back. There has also been lots of talk about a Start Menu coming back but I can’t see that happening and to be honest I don’t want to see it having got used to Windows 8.

Also in the Q&A Microsoft reveal that Windows 8 sales have passed the 100 million mark which includes new PCs as well as upgrades and that there are now over 2400 certified Windows 8 and Windows RT devices with more and more touch devices being added all the time.

One thought on “Microsoft confirm Windows Blue coming later this year, “responding to customer feedback””
  1. Of course there should be a regular start menu for PC desktop users! Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that customers especially corporate customers require that. Why MS didn’t give us the option to run with a regular start menu for desktop usage and have the modern UI for consumer tablets and touch screen devices in the first place is beyond me. Microsoft don’t know what they are doing or who their market is any more and this just goes to show what a mess they are in at the moment! If you can’t wait try Pokki start menu for Windows 8 –

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